Altai medicinal herbs for body and soul


Export of top quality medicinal herbs collected in ecologically clean territories of Russia.

Altai, Krasnodar, Caucasus

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Company "Farmagro"

Procurement, processing and sale of raw materials from drug plants. Our company offers bulk quantity of high quality medicinal plant materials in the form of "Angro", from a warehouse and under the order. We are an exporter of goods to foreign countries. All products shipped by us have an analytical passport, quarantine certificate, radiological conclusion. Preparation of raw materials, drying, processing, packaging and storage is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the State Pharmacopoeia, operating in Russia (GF), FS, VFS, GOST and TU enterprises.

Готовая продукция


The company "FarmAgro" combines old traditions with new technologies that are aimed at improving the quality of our products without losing useful and nutritional properties. We gather herbs, roots, buds, bark, leaves in ecologically clean areas of Russia, such as: Caucasus, Altai, Krasnodar region. The company can offer partners more than 260 varieties of natural organic products. Using the latest technology in our own production in the processing of raw materials, we guarantee the quality of all our products. Currently, the market trend is pushing manufacturers to use ecologically clean additives in their products, to optimize the cost of the product itself, leaving it useful and harmless to the human body. The company "FarmAgro" has a solution that can replace almost all chemical additives in your production.

We carry out a full cycle in our production from collecting the product and its analysis to extraction and quality control.

Сбор трав Анализ в лаболатории Анализ

Using the latest technology, we are ready to offer biologically pure substitutes, with a high concentration of the product and the active substance. The extract can be obtained not only from herbs, it can also be extracted from your raw materials, for your production and needs. We work across all Russia, the CIS countries. Possible deliveries abroad.

In order to try our product in your production, evaluate the quality and conduct laboratory studies, you just need to leave a request. Our manager will contact you.


Delivery is carried out from Russia to anywhere in the world. All conditions are negotiated individually. Packaging of goods for your needs.

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